Sleeping With Sirens' 'Kick Me' Video Is A Kick In The Skull
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    Sleeping With Sirens are some kind of hot pop-punk sensation and boy if their following doesn't love 'em for it. Just to solidify their reputation, though, they went and signed on with Epitaph records this morning and then went and released a music video for the song "Kick Me" as a bit of an early rejoinder to just about any criticism anybody would lob their way.

    "Let's hang the jury," screeches lead singer Kellin Quinn before launching into a tirade against just about anybody and everybody. He's upset about somebody somewhere judging him -- a fact the relentless, generic guitar and drums hammer home -- but he's never concerned enough to say just whom it is these comments are directed at. Is he railing against the people who don't like his music ("fuck you and your opinion!")? The people who don't like him ("You don't know shit about me!")? Is this a preemptive response to anybody who says that his decision to switch to Epitaph is something like selling out?
    The song's full of the same adolescent, undirected rage that ruined this genre and features enough "attitude" to fill a back-issue of the Spawn comic (at some point Mr. Quinn tells his critics to go to Hell and tell the devil he's coming for him. No offense, Mr. Quinn, but if the Devil really does exist I'm not sure he's terribly worried about your pasty, scrawny self. He's primal evil, you're a punker kid from Orlando). The music video, which is all quick cuts, close-ups on the band's snarling faces and cut-aways to punker chicks who seem to be there as props, is just as boring.

    But hey, I'll let you judge for yourself with the video below. Wouldn't want to get on Mr. Quinn's bad side. Oh, wait. Too late. Me and my opinions...

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