Mark Ronson's New Single 'Uptown Funk' Even Less Funky Than Uptown
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    Am I excited that Mark Ronson's got a new album (Uptown Special) coming out on January 27th? Not that I was before, but since hearing that it's being coproduced by Bruno Mars, and then hearing the single, "Uptown Funk," I can safely say I am actually, somehow, negatively excited; I am less thrilled now that I've heard it than I was when I woke up this morning. If funk is supposed to get me up and dancing and, well, acting funky, then this music is actually anti-funk.

    Though it strives for a sound reminiscent of James Brown, Mark Ronson's newest number only manages to end up as something not unlike what one imagines a background number in a never-produced Ghostbusters movie might sound like. No, scratch that, even Ray Parker Junior was funkier than this and that man pumped more cheese into his music than Velveeta. I might blame this on the wet-noodle cameo from Bruno Mars, who's got less soul than a vampire, but that's just me grinding a personal axe: the main problem is the song's sheer insistence that it is soulful. Soul that's desperate to prove it's soul is striving against one of the key tenets of the genre, that tenet being you either have soul or you don't, and if you do then it should be self-apparent. It's not surprising, I guess, that the man raised by Mick Jones (the guitarist behind the least funky rock band of all time, Foreigner) would pump out this kind of nonsense but please! Leave us out of it!

    Not that this will keep me from leaving you out if by linking to the single below:

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