Arum Rae Waving Wild EP
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    Arum Rae is neatly perched on the fringe of the soul pop scene. Last year, while being courted by a major record label, she produced a series of soulful tracks ranging from synth driven soul to blues-rock. When the deal fell through, she rallied producer John Congleton (St. Vincent) to mix the tracks, and Spoon's Jim Eno to lend her his studio. The result, two self-released EPs. Warranted Queen, released in April, is the synthier prequel to November's grittier blues-driven Waving Wild.

    Arum's rock n' soul vocals are the star of her latest EP. "Let's Shake," the album's high velocity single, showcases Rae's sonic shriek amidst a stampede of snare and electric strings. Tracks "Waving Wild" and "Loneliness" play a bit more with the indie pop side of Rae. The breathy aerated vocals in the chorus of "Loneliness" conjure a doe-eyed mourner wistfully, and with a pleasant lightness, observing the reality of her one sided relationship, "Lonely loneliness/Lonely loneliness/There's a martyr in my bed/He's standing on his head". Yet the track's verses reinsert Rae's moody desperation via her sly cries, cautioned over a creeping bass line. "Waving Wild," however, exposes Rae's a seductive smokey vocals in a roguish but still riotously punctuated march.

    The record's final track "What Good Is A Heart," showcases Rae's melancholic soulful croon, closing out the high energy stuff of passionate mosh pits with a desperately dripping ballad. The downshift from emotionally up charged to strolling wistfulness is seamless. Her gentle grounded cover of The Head and The Heart's "Cruel," released in tandem with the new EP, is another example of her ability to approach misery without drowning in a Jeff Buckley like pool of sorrow. Every song on Waving Wild, regardless of it's celerity, is an exercise in pathos. It's a workout Arum Rae proves to be quite adept at.

    Sample the track list of Waving Wild below, and buy it on iTunes, here.

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