Aphex Twin Interview Makes Some Noise
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    In case you weren't aware, Dave Noyze conducted a rather lengthy interview with Richard James (otherwise known as Aphex Twin) that went up on the internet last week. You can scope that here. Looks like that was only half of the interview, though: part two just went live this morning and with it come over thirty different bits of aural experimentation from Aphex Twin himself.

    It's a lot to digest, honestly, as the interview goes on for pages and pages and hasn't been edited at all: every one of Noyze and James' writing idiosyncrasies is on display, as is their love of musical technicalities. If you can ignore some of the inherent difficulties in reading the disjointed dialogue you will learn more about the 8 million kinds of synthesizers and their attendant minutiae than you ever even imagined there was to learn about synthesizers; you'll get to listen to unreleased tracks most of which can only be described as (per James himself) "a racket," you'll get to hear a bit about what James thinks of the current day and age (it's not pretty but it's also a tad silly. There's a suggestion that corporations are experimenting with sound levels and hidden synthesizer technology in order to find ways to brainwash us even further) but you'll also get a few peaks into his creative process. It's kind of a slog, honestly, but it's also kind of interesting.

    Of course, you can skip the interview and go right for the noise but believe me when I say it ain't always pretty:

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