top five gregory auto-tunes of the year
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2010

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    They bring us both joy and pain, and many of you may not even know who they are. 2010 will be remembered as the year auto-tuned versions of goofy multi-million hit Youtube videos also yielded multi-million hits. What does it mean? No, more importantly, who is doing this to us? Let's take a look at five of our favorite "songs" to be pure inventions of re-purposing Youtube content, and the single group of masterminds behind all of them.

    Whether you like it or not, the "auto-tune" treatment has become less of an afterthought and more of the culmination of an internet meme. Awesome auto-tunes have launched careers at this point, just ask number one on this list how his new house is treating him. And it's not a coincidence our list is comprised entirely of one "band", called The Gregory Brothers, a Brooklyn based family of musicians and creative minds. You should know them by now. These guys are the inventors of Auto-Tune The News, arguably the institution that popularized the auto-tune fad in the first place, but they've eclipsed even their own initial popularity by dreaming bigger with their songs. Coupled with their "Songify This!" channel on Youtube, the family has provided a new level of entertainment for the web. Let's review some of our favorites from this year.

    5. Obama Sings "Replay":

    An early 2010 video was a simple idea: Taking Obama and setting him to a popular song called "Replay". Not their most original work, but a good introduction to the Gregory Brothers and what they do.

    4. Auto-Tune The News 11:

    Amidst new ventures the guys kept up with their main project this year. I'm sure there are plenty better examples from 2010 but I'll always have a soft spot for this one. Riptide of lies! Avalanche of lies!

    3. Mommy Daddy Song:

    Another mid-year attempt at taking a Youtube sensation and trying to turn it into a song. Not as good as the double rainbow (which preceded it) or the number one on the list, but still pretty damn good.

    2. Double Rainbow Song:

    Double Rainbow may not have eclipsed it's parent video in popularity, but it was definitely the best derivative riff on the meme. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have this song on my iTunes.

    1. Bed Intruder Song:

    The mother of all auto-tune songs to date, spent a significant amount of time visibly on the iTune's charts, and the residuals made Antoine Dodson a wealthy man with enough resources to buy a house for his family. Simply put, one of the best songs of 2010. Made entirely from a news clip.

    This barely scratches the surface. Christine O'Donnell "I'm Not A Witch" song? "The Rent Is Too Damn High?" Continue to explore songs from The Gregory Brothers here and here.

    That's why The Gregory Brothers win the year as some of our favorite people. Your move, 2011.

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