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    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2010

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    Brooklyn art rockers Motel Motel stopped by the Guest Apartment last year to demonstrate some of their homespun sounding tunes. Sonically advanced (but no less intricate) they came back in summer of 2010 with a new record, The Big Island, a collection of hauntingly beautiful songs made with loops and mashable musical ideas. We've got one of the cuts for you, "Helena, MT", which fulfills all of the promises of the band's initial popularity. Simply put, it's emotive, affecting, and awesome.

    Grab the track below. The Big Island is out now and streaming in its entirety at the group's Bandcamp page and below.

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    Guest Apartment: Motel Motel
    MP3: "Helena, MT"
    Motel Motel on Myspace

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