Maroon 5 Pleads Innocent In New Album Title Controversy
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 01, 2017

    • Posted by: Maddie Brown

    Uh oh. Maroon 5 is having a major "oops" moment in their career with their upcoming album title, Red Pill Blues. But they're pleading innocent. I mean, how could they know that "Red Pill" is actually a cultish forum on Reddit that preaches about the alleged toxicity of women?

    You heard that right. The "Red Pill" philosophy is inspired from The Matrix -- you know, when Neo has to choose between the Blue Pill and the Red Pill. The Blue Pill guarantees security but a false life, and the Red Pill reveals the truth of reality. Clearly, these resentful imbeciles on Reddit are far removed from the truth of reality. Their totally screwed up beliefs that "feminism is toxic, sexism is fake, and that there's a certain satisfaction you get watching a woman's ego deflate" make me sick to my stomach.

    So, here's the question at stake... Is Maroon 5 advocating for the "Red Pill" movement? Is their latest project a dig at the ladies?

    No way, they say. They told Huffington Post, "We're like, ‘Oh man, of course, like 2017 is the worst.' We were talking about the scene in The Matrix -- do you take the red pill or the blue pill? And the fact that seeing the world for what it is in 2017 can be kind of rough … We had no idea about the association with men's rights ... Hopefully, everyone knows from all of our pasts that from our statements on the issue and our actions in the past that we are all hardcore feminists in the band. So that's a horrible association, ugh, to have. The internet trolls have to ruin everything."

    Looks like they're all cleared. Doesn't mean they won't get more jabs for their oblivion and painfully awkward album title. Yikes!

    Maybe their new song is actually about this mistake...

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