10 Songs To Get You Over Your Halloween Hangover
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 01, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Hate to break it to ya, but Halloween is officially over. Yep, it's now November 1st. Disappointing, I know -- you anticipate the wonderfully spooky holiday all month and then in just a few hours, poof, it's all done.

    We know what you need now… Well, you need to get over it. But first, you need to take the day to simply sob it out. That's right, have a good cry to these 10 super painful sad songs and embrace the post-Halloween depression so when the alarm rings tomorrow morning, you can wake up fully recharged and ready for Thanksgiving.

    1. "Desafio" - Arca

    You know what? Let's just dive right into it. Arca is some of the saddest, most unsettling shit you can listen to. Sure, maybe I'm being overdramatic, but also I'm not, and this is the perfect way to end the holiday. Plus, it's super spooky, which is just extra appropriate since, you know, Halloween.

    2. "Turn Out The Lights" - Julien Baker

    Maybe this song should be called "Turn Out The Lights… On Halloween." Ha… Anyway, Julien Baker is the best person to turn to when searching for sad music.

    3. "I Miss You" - Clean Bandit ft. Julia Michaels

    Now you can sing "I miss you" to your one true love who is officially gone for another year.

    4. "Wait" - Maroon 5

    Wait Halloween, can you turn around? Just wait Halloween, can we work this out? Just wait, can you come here please? ‘Cause I wanna be with you!

    5. "Day I Die" - The National

    You think I'm going to make a list of sad songs and not include The National? Ha! Drink a bottle of wine with Matt Berninger and drown in your sorrows. Go on.

    6. "New York" - St. Vincent

    When Annie Clark of St. Vincent sings "I have lost a hero, I have lost a friend," you know she's actually just talking about Halloween.

    7. "Bored" - Billie Eilish

    Oh man, try listening to this song without shedding a tear. It's a real challenge. Plus, Billie's stunning voice is enough to cure any hangover.

    8. "Lonely Blue" - King Krule

    This song is perfect specifically for the morning after Halloween, when the hangover is in full force, sadness is at its highest, and you just don't want to get your feet out of bed and onto the cold floor.

    9. "The Rip" - Portishead

    Ah, another song to listen to when you can't get out of bed. Pretty much anything from Portishead's album, Third, is fit for this special occasion.

    10. "Over My Dead Body" - Drake

    You know what? Yes, I am going to start this list with Arca and end it with Drake. That seems perfectly appropriate. Emo Drake is the only way to indulge in your sad thoughts.

    So, you might not be feeling super uplifted after taking a listen to these songs, but I hope you had a good cry. Getting over Halloween is hard! Cry it out, drink lots of water, and then start preppin' the turkey for Thanksgiving (or if you're vegan, tofu. Whatever works best for you).

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