Sara Bareilles Writes From The Perspective Of An Uncensored Obama In Her Latest Creation
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 01, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    In the final days running up to this election it seems that everyone, including artists, are scrambling to make a statement before it's all over. The country is at a crossroads, faced with two very different candidates (despite your most "woke" friend's insistence that both are the same) with two drastically different views of what the country should be. Now, prolific singer and writer Sara Bareilles has decided to present her own viewpoint in a unique manner, teaming up with NPR hosted radio show This American Life to write a song about GOP nominee Donald Trump, and the election as a whole, from the perspective of current US president Barack Obama.

    In this election process, with its mudslinging and doomsday predicting, many people yearn for the soon-to-be-gone Obama administration, with its respectability and positivity. Obama is voiced in this song by Hamilton actor, and beautiful singer, Leslie Odom Jr., who lends the appropriate gravitas and emotion to the song. With a soulful tone, Odom performs the astute observations on the election written by Bareilles, where she sums up the Obama administration and discusses how his presidency inadvertently led to the birth of the Trump campaign, through the resentment to him that built among conservatives. Her writing alludes to the racialized White identity politics of the Trump campaign, referencing the 1910s pro-KKK film Birth of a Nation and asking "red, white, and blue / is Black in there too?" Throughout the song, Bareilles, from the perspective of Obama, contrasts his message of hope and unity, to Trump's of fear-mongering and division, and implores the American people to not revert from the advances made in his administration. The minimalist backing music of violins, cello, and drums give the song a somber tone, but ultimately it is hopeful, hoping that Americans will come to their senses and make a positive choice this election.

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