Now Playing:  Tigertown Deliver A Euphoric Bands And Brews Set
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 01, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    First, a little set up. The forecast going into our second Bands and Brews of the summer was...dicey. On the walk into the office, you could cut the air with a knife. Things felt combustible in the meteorology department and our collective anxiety was not helped by the warning of severe storms with 60+mph winds from our friends here at Industry City. Yet for most of the day we were hopeful. The stage was set. The lights went up. The bands arrived. It was downright beautiful...until it wasn't.

    Around 4PM one wicked front rolled through NYC, bringing with it a wall of wind and biblical rainfall. The crew scrambled, tarping up equipment and batting down the hatch. We lost a tent, a guitar stand, and nearly a bass cab to a ferocious wind that seriously came out of nowhere. Some of us spent the lightning fast storm cowering under a tent on the stage hoping the amps that were currently sitting in a puddle of water were unplugged. It was wet and wild. It was actually kind of fun! And then the storm passed, clearing the way for one of those types of absolutely perfect nights the mind tends to return to this time of the year, when the temperature starts to drop and we all come to terms with the fact that swinter is coming.

    Accompanying the perfect summer vibes that evening, euphoric Australian electro-pop outfit Tigertown rolled into Brooklyn, fresh off a long flight from the West Coast. Still, you wouldn't know it from our newest Bands + Brews Session (the first of two stemming from this performance that we'll be rolling out). The band came dressed to the nines and ready to rock songs from their Lonely Cities EP, as well as their recently released Papernote EP. As the band jammed their way through songs like "Golden Sky", "Make It Real", "Bullet From The Gun", and "Lonely Cities", the water colored backdrop bloomed dramatically as the sun slowly dipped into the Jersey horizon, making for perfect ear and eye candy.

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