GEAR TALK TUESDAY: Strymon El Capistan Guitar Pedal with Close Talker
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 01, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Matt Kopperud, guitarist/keyboardist for Canadian indie rock trio Close Talker, told us about his favorite piece of gear this week, "My consistent and most favorite piece of gear would probably be my Strymon El Capistan guitar pedal. I've had it forever and I think it will stay on my pedalboard until I drop. It is a tape delay pedal, but so much more. It has a mojo and warmth to it that is really captivating to my ears. I use it with Close Talker and in the studio all over the place. It sounds great with keyboards too. It simply adds a new dimension and depth to things if something sounds thin or just lacks a little something something. It has this wow and flutter and tape age feature and can make it sound like something is broken or simply not right... but in the best possible way. You can also hold down the tap and get it oscillating and go nuts that way, but I have learned to try and tame it and use it for pads and stuff. I often play guitar at my church and when I make it self oscillate in a controlled semi-pleasant way I call them "spirit sounds" to those who have no idea about gear or music, haha. It is a really simple trick, but super useful in certain contexts. It can also become gimmicky quick, so I'll go seasons where I don't use that feature. The pedal is great. It's just great. I'll fight anyone who says otherwise!"



    Also check out their new track "Afterthought" off of their forthcoming 2017 album via NPR HERE.

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