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    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 01, 2010

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    Virginia Beach's James Nee, aka We Are Trees, is a singer songwriter that sounds nothing like a singer songwriter. The songs off the debut EP, Boyfriend are breezy, harmonious, and simply all while somehow sounding so complex. The vocal harmonies are sure to remind many of Grizzly Bear but the simplistic instrumentation and impecible recording quility are really all his own. Him and his band apparently tore up CMJ last week. Make sure to check them out soon before they blow up so you can say you heard them first. I know I'll be saying that becasue honestly, i need all the cool points I can get these days. Listen to EP on the stream below.

    We Are Trees, Boyfriend EP by Tills

    The EP can be downloaded for free via bandcamp. And remember, this is just an EP. I'm excited for what the future will bring us in terms of a full album.-brendan mehan

    Warning: there are two "We Are Trees" on myspace. If you go to the one from the UK you will be severely disappointed. Stick with this one.

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    We Are Trees Official Site
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