As Tall as Lions Prep Digital Only EP
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 01, 2007

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    Those longing to hear As Tall as Lion’s Daniel Nigro’s rattling range shouldn’t creep too far from their computers on November 27th. Word is the band is set to release a digital only EP entitled Into the Flood (Triple Crown). Want to know a little more? Nigro is obviously the man to clue you in…

    “These new recordings are filled with life. For the first time during the recording of Into the Flood we were able to let go of our perfectionist approach to recording and just play. We tried not to over-analyze the tones or the performances which led these songs to flow closer to what you see at our live show.”

    In other words, the six day project was less about labor, and more about love. Good thing to, considering the band is once again set hibernate for much of ’08 in order to record the follow-up to ‘06’s self-titled LP. – David Pitz

    Into The Flood Track Listing:
    1. 505
    2. Into The Flood
    3. We're The Ones That Keep You Warm At Nite
    4. Breakers
    5. Blacked Out

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    MP3: As Tall as Lions:: “Ghost of York” from As Tall as Lions
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