Premiere: Lose Your Shit In Andrew Bryant's New Blue Collar Anthem
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 09, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Andrew Bryant has something to declare. "The man inside me wants it all/I paid my dues for far too long". It's the kind of lyrical confessional that captures the struggle of the blue collar musician impeccably. The migratory life of writing, recording, traveling, gigging, and living on the cheap; exciting when you're young and unattached, but less so with time, bills, and familial responsibly.

    Luckily for Bryant, music's been kind to the 34 year old, Oxford Mississippi native these last few years. In 2011 he got together with his touring buddy Justin Kinkel-Schuster, formed the band Water Liars, put out 3 critically-acclaimed albums, and toured with the likes of the Drive-By Truckers, Angel Olsen, The Felice Brothers, and Mountain Goats. Now Bryant's preparing his sixth solo release, an album titled This Is the Life. We've got the premiere of that album's first single, "Losing My Shit" below.

    Riding a wash of crunchy distortion, road-ready rhythms, and syrupy hooks, "Losing My Shit" is inspired by extensive touring with Water Liars. "We've been hitting it pretty hard the last couple of years and it can wear on you at times," he recently told us. "I miss my kids a lot when I'm gone. I miss my wife. Sometimes the bank account gets low and I wonder if my kids will have money for new school shoes. My back hurts sometimes from riding in the van all day. All that stress makes me want to quit sometimes, when it gets hard. But I can't quit. And this song tells you why."

    In case you missed it, the "why" is bundled up rather nicely in the chorus. "When I lose my shit in a song it's a beautiful thing". Indeed it is. Lucky for us, Bryant's lost his shit in a whole bunch of songs for this new record. Check out the album art and track listing for This Is the Life below and be sure to pick it up when it's released via Sleep Recordings on January 27th. Keep an eye out for tour dates as well, as Andrew will be touring in support of the new album in December and early 2015.

    1. Do What You Love
    2. Losing My Shit
    3. Keep It Together
    4. Friendly Cops
    5. The Free
    6. It Takes Time
    7. I Want You Final
    8. Fool Heart
    9. My Own Saving Grace
    10. Do Your Work

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