• THURSDAY, OCTOBER 09, 2014

    • Posted by: Rebecca Chodorkoff

    Right off the bat, heavy 80s vibes wash in and overwhelm any hope of impartiality, as HAERTS' self-titled debut album evokes a sense of sweet, nebulous, nostalgia. There is something almost disconcerting about how familiar and comfortable the tracks are, without feeling contrived or overly derivative. It's as if you're not listening to the album for the first time, but rather revisiting an old record from high school, the songs of which punctuated the milestones of your adolescence:

    "Wings", with its stripped, expectant breakdown (peppered with Phil Collins-esque drum kick) played as you lost your virginity.

    "Lights Out" is the song you listened to when you were getting over your first boyfriend.

    "Giving Up" was a top 20 hit on the radio the first year you had your driver's license.

    "Hemiplegia" acted as the soundtrack after you broke into your parents liquor cabinet, and made your favorite mixed drink for you and your friends, The Hurricane (a shot of every type of alcohol there was combined in a Nalgene water bottle.)

    "Hope" was the last slow dance at your prom.

    Reminiscent of too much eyeliner, the munchies, and the simultaneous oblivious joy and disquietude of youth, HAERTS' debut album is cohesive and classic. Though a debutant effort, the overarching vibe is nonchalant and confident—the band isn't trying too hard define themselves or win people over. HAERTS has all of the enthusiasm you possessed your freshman year, without the eager desperation. Nothing particularly shocking or boundary-breaking is going on, but there is something almost refreshing about that: the clean ten track debut fits just like your old denim jacket. Sure, everybody has one, but yours is just as cozy today as it was when you first bought it five years ago, and you know it will still be hanging around in another five.

    Haerts is set for release on Oct 27th via Columbia Records, pre-order it on iTunes.

    Watch our exclusive footage of HAERTS performing "Wings," live at the Hype Hotel:

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