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    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 09, 2009

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    Photography by Joe Puglisi. Check out more photos from this show and others HERE.

    No shortage of spunk last night at the Mercury Lounge, when Stars Of Track and Field took the stage. The trio, whose name is derived from a Belle And Sebastian song, opened for Lights on Tuesday night at the early show. They promptly knocked off any remaining socks (i.e. all of them).

    Everyone cheered (sock-less) when they mentioned being from Portland (although I think it was mainly because, as guitarist Jason Bell put it, "oh you think Portland is cool, huh"). These guys would not stand still for two seconds while shredding all over the place. Vocalist/guitarist Kevin Calaba even broke a string and had to tune up to cries from the audience like "you're still hot!" They certainly were sweating enough, but hey, that is what happens when you guitar your eyes out and spin in circles continuously during playtime. Audience-wise there was plenty of happy looking head nodding going on, and a bit of dancing (huge success for NYC early crowd, or any NYC crowd not on drugs at Webster Hall at 2 AM). The guitars were pretty loud (because rock and roll), probably due to the RIDICULOUS stomp boxes both of them were rocking, with their feet (they kept their socks):

    These guys have a new album out and from the energy they put into the one (infectiously catchy) song they made a note of playing ("Racing Lights"), it is worth picking up. More pictures below and check out the photo album for the full set.-joe puglisi

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    Pictures: Stars Of Track And Field At Mercury Lounge
    Stars Of Track And Field on Myspace

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