Tame Impala Take Over Colbert
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 08, 2015

    • Posted by: Vince Brigante

    The Late Show with Steven Colbert has had quite the repertoire of musical guests thus far. The most recent, was Tame Impala performing "The Less I know The Better." Performing against very theatrical and psychedelic lighting, Tame Impala's execution was perfect. There always seems to be this unspoken test for an artist on whether they can render their songs just as rich as they sound on record. "The Less I Know The Better," sounded silky smooth and was played so in the pocket that even your tightest Levis got a tad jealous.

    Tame Impala's current album Currents, (see what I did there?) is out now. Singer Kevin Parker recorded all the music himself, and mixed the record as well. Super hands on, and I love it. Tame Impala's perpetual flow and sensitive lyrics are better than ever. Thank you Steven Colbert for having damn good music on your show. He even held up a VINYL copy of the album; double points for that.

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