Betty WhoTake Me When You Go
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 08, 2014

    • Posted by: Leanne Heidenberg

    When most people think of electronic music they think of turbulent tornadoes of sound, but Betty Who takes electronica and makes it glamourous. Her debut studio album, Take Me When You Go, makes electropop fancy with luxurious swells of music, sparkly synth embellishments, and of course Jessica Anne Newhams rich Australian voice over top.

    Take Me When You Go offers a plethora of feel good pop songs. Miss Who has perfected easy listening electronica, which is sure to be picked up by the masses soon enough. "Somebody Loves You" has already proven to be perfect for flash mobs and wedding proposals—just wait until the next big budget rom-com. I'll bet money that it's also used in some sort of montage. Other potential hits include: "All of You" and "Heartbreak Dream". They're the most peppy and have the best balance between 80s synth and contemporary dance pop styles, but songs like "Missing You," and "California Rain," are where Betty Who really explores her own style and musical identity. "Missing You" incorporates vocal alteration and blending by chopping and mixing the chorus to create a quirky electronic embellishment. She closes her album with the spec toned down track "California Rain," where the stand out elements are an Imogen Heap-esque alternation to her voice and a piano.

    As a whole, her songs are bouncy, snappy, bubbly, fun, but they lack substance--sometimes Betty is happy, sometimes Betty is sad--and musically, many of her songs fall into the same trap as many other synth heavy tracks: repetition. Think you missed out on a cute glittery sound? Don't worry, it'll be back again in twenty seconds...and again, and again, and again.

    Thankfully, Betty Who is a true pop star with a unique voice and a musical mind. She knows how to utilize the effects of her tools to enhance her vocals. Unlike a lot of electronic music, Miss Who's personality is at the forefront of every track, and never lets the music overshadow her presence in the song.

    All things considered it's a great first album for a budding pop star. Betty Who has the talent, the musical know how, and a flair for the finer things to make her a sustainable artist. The songs are widely relatable, catchy as hell, and most definitely guilty pleasure worthy. This is more then enough to ensure a solid fan base. As far as albums go, is this an amazing must-own masterpiece? Absolutely not, but it shows potential and room to grow. Wait until Betty Who blows up and has a strong enough following for her to explore her gifts. That's when we'll see something incredible from her, but for now Take Me before You Go is a sweet, upbeat record that's worth a listen, and it's out now on RCA Records, get your copy on iTunes.

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