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    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 08, 2010

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    A year ago, you'd have hated this guy. In a previous life, house and dubstep producer and DJ Skrillex was Sonny Moore, frontman of "post-hardcore" (screamo, to laymen like you and I) group From First to Last. However, since leaving the band due to vocal cord issues (one can only do that whiny scream for so long without doing damage) he's switched gears completely and is now turning heads thanks to some support from, and opening gigs for, house music demigod Deadmau5 and his mau5trap label, a free EP, and some remixes of Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas and La Roux.

    The strangest part? It's all not only listenable, but actually really good. I even liked the "Alejandro" remix he did, which sports some choppy, bass-heavy breakdowns and mangled vocals chopped and rearranged into entirely new melodies (a signature of most of his work). His EP, My Name is Skrillex, is available here for free and is well worth a listen. He will be opening for Deadmau5 for the remainder of October - get there early if you're hitting one of his shows. All in all, one of the more interesting and downright unbelievable musical rebirths I've ever seen or heard of. -peter menniti

    Skrillex on Tour

    10/7 - The Fillmore, Denver, CO
    10/13 - Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA
    10/19 - Orpheum, Madison, WI
    10/20 - Epic, Minneapolis, MN
    10/22 - Congress Theater, Chicago, IL
    10/23 - Congress Theater, Chicago, IL
    10/25 - Convocation Center @ EMU, Ypsilanti, MI
    10/28 - Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY
    10/29 - Celebrities w/Nero, Vancouver, BC
    10/30 - Meltdown Music Festival, Dallas, TX

    *All gigs supporting Deadmau5 except 10/29 and 10/30

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    EP: My Name Is Skrillex
    Skrillex on Myspace

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