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    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 08, 2010

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    Jeremy Messersmith, a Minnesotan pop-writer, has been diligently updating his website every Wednesday with new content. If you haven't discovered his tunes or his work before, you may have coincidentally stumbled across a video he made for "Tatooine" that's been going around, recreating as much of the original Star Wars trilogy as possible in just under three minutes. The poignant song, coupled with some of the more memorable moments of the movies recreated with little paper characters, makes for a great video.

    From Messersmith: " I've got a song called Tatooine with a new music video directed by Eric Power over at We are both OT (that's original trilogy) fanboys so I made a lo-fi song and he made a very 2D music video. You can download the song for whatever you want over at my bandcamp page.

    Oh, and the video is animated with PAPER. The entire Star Wars trilogy in 2 minutes animated with PAPER.

    Enjoy, at least until the cease and desist letter from Lucasfilm shows up (which I will promptly frame next to my family photos)."


    You can download "Tatooine" and many other gems (pay-what-you-want) here. -joe puglisi

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    Jeremy Messersmith on Myspace

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