Thee Oh Sees Release the Psychedelic
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 07, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    The prolific Thee Oh Sees are already ramping up for their next album, following the release of A Weird Exits last August. Apparently the Bay Area garage rock band is not content releasing only one project a year, and they already announced their upcoming album An Odd Entrances, out this November. This album will be a companion to A Weird Exits, made obvious by the similarity in the album titles.

    Proceeds of their first pressing will go to a charity for homeless women and children based in Pasadena. To start off the rollout for their upcoming 18th album, Thee Oh Sees released their first single, "The Poem," on Soundcloud. In this single, the band continues with the style of their last album, but with a much softer touch, creating lushly produced psychedelic soundscapes in which the vocals are almost subsumed. Over the music, Thee Oh Sees frontman, and only consistently present member of the amorphous band, John Dwyer sings of lyrics that could come from a medieval manuscript, talking of dark forests, swords and placid fields. Together, the song builds a psychedelic world of myth and fantasy. Along with this song, Thee Oh Sees also announced the album cover, track listing, and tour dates. Dates HERE.

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