IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 07, 2016

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff


    NAO - "Bad Blood"

    This eccentric yet sultry track has been a hit for me this week. NAO's voice is so unique and her lyrics are incredibly poetically hypnotic. It's so difficult not to be obsessed with this song.

    Local Natives - "Dark Days"

    Ever since Local Natives' new album Sunlit Youth came out this past September I've been hooked on this particular track. It's got a catchy synth pop aspect to it and personally a great song for the subway ride.

    SBTRKT ft. Little Dragon - "Wildfire"

    Little Dragon totally kills it in SBTRKT's vibrant and individualistic track. If you're a fan of crazy bass lines then you need to give this song a listen. It's not just dirty. It's filthy good.


    The Lemon Twigs - "As Long As We're Together"

    I really, really like this band. Just two singles out and they're getting a fair amount of buzz. Their debut album Do Hollywood will be released next Friday and I, for one, cannot wait. There's definitely a wholesome old school feel to them, reminiscent of classic rock acts like The Kinks and Supertramp. The other single, "These Words" has proven more popular, but I really love the mood and tempo changes in this song. The unpolished, haunting vocals are so captivating. Can't wait for more from these guys.

    Black Atlass - "Permanent Smile"

    Black Atlass is somewhere in between James Bay, The Weeknd, and Chet Faker. I don't actually know why I'm saying this, I just want to put him in context with some incredible artists. This guy is an incredible and singular talent. He's going to be big soon enough, so hop on now. This song has been giving me goosebumps all week.

    Flobots - "Handlebars"

    THROWBACK. The quiet, simple guitar work in "Permanent Smile" (above) reminded me of this beat for some reason. I don't need more than a reminder to absolutely slay every word to this song, which I enthusiastically memorized in 6th grade. Find me someone who doesn't like this song and you'll have found someone who's lying. Or maybe they just don't like alternative hip-hop/rock one-hit wonders. Fair enough.


    Bibio - "Town & Country"

    This is such a warm and fuzzy song, as pretty much all Bibio songs are. The beginning of the track reminds me a little of a John Mayer song and I love how Bibio's voice is so uplifting and pleasant. He wrote the song about living in a big city (London) and wanting to move to the countryside far away from the city. Which I can totally relate to at times. This song is so good.

    Kings Of Leon - "Reverend"

    YES, NEW KINGS OF LEON. This is their fourth single released this year off of their upcoming album Walls, due out October 14th. This is definitely my favorite track of the four singles because it embodies everything that is Kings Of Leon and brings me back to their earlier work. I'm so happy they're back.

    mø - "Drum"

    Listening to this song just turned my Friday into a very happy one. It's a bouncy little pop number and as soon as you hear it, you just know it's mø. The chorus of this song just puts you in a good mood and I love how playful it is.


    Willow - "Star (ft. Jabs)"

    This track makes me feel super nostalgic specifically for last winter. I'd listen to it excessively when I went to the gym... Which doesn't sound like a very exciting memory, but it's kind of comforting in a way. One year later and it's still making me dance. This whole album is pretty great. Sure, the lyrics are a little silly at times, but who the fuck cares?

    Frank Ocean - "Nights"

    We made this our Song of the Week back when Blonde was released and I can still listen to it without getting bored. It's so fresh and emotional, especially that transition halfway... Damn, I wish I wrote this song. It really encompasses the challenges of growing up and anxiety about the future.

    HONNE - "Warm on a Cold Night"

    I've been in an R&B mood lately, can you tell? Man, the title track off of HONNE's new album is so good. All of the songs are good... Again, so fresh and so clean. Something you can listen to over and over again without ever getting tired of it.

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