A Playlist For Alexander Wang's Incredibly Talented WANGSQUAD
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 07, 2016

    • Posted by: Ben Feit

    Alexander Wang's latest video campaign, #WANGF16, has featured the star-studded #WANGSQUAD taking on some Beverly Hills mansions and just generally wrecking shit. The #WANGSQUAD represents Wang's Fall 2016 campaign, and most members have appeared in the five promotional videos Wang has released. Wang has a predictably deep roster of models, with well-known (Anna Ewers), newcomer (Katie Moore), and social media (Kylie Jenner) types present. There are also outliers, like skateboarder Curren Caples and visual artist Lucien Smith (the only member absent from the videos). But the surprising depth of musical artists in the squad is what is most impressive; musical members include A$AP Ferg, Tyga, Big Sean, Vince Staples, Metro Boomin, Skrillex, Alice Glass, MO, Tinashe, RL Grime, Black Atlass, and Zoe Kravitz.

    This crazily talented group can be seen partying with the model squad in the videos, accompanied by a soundtrack which includes RL Grime's "Core" and "Kingpin (ft. Big Sean)" as well as an unreleased, exclusive Skrillex track named "Crown Vic." The videos look exactly like what they are, a banger with some of the coolest, most fashionable people in the world right now. More importantly, the #WANGSQUAD gives us a great opportunity to create a playlist.

    With a mix of hip-hop mainstays, pop queens, and crazy-talented producers, there's a lot to keep your attention with this group. And definitely take this chance not to let Black Atlass slip through your fingers. He has one of the most unique sounds we've heard in a long time. No wonder he's blowing up in the super-trendy fashion world right now. We fully endorse Alexander Wang if he decides to move into music - his multitude of music connections is probably enough to create a platinum album just out of features. Listen to the #WANGSQUAD playlist above, visit the squad's dope Instagram, and watch the most recent #WANGF16 video below.

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