Chvrches Every Open Eye
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 07, 2015

    • Posted by: Erin Walsh

    Lauren Mayberry has made it clear she is a force to be reckoned with. Even before she rejected a marriage proposal and flipped off another obnoxious dude live on-stage, her stage presence and vocal capabilities alone speak for themselves. And while on their first record, the pureness of Mayberry's voice and the gorgeousness of Chvrches' synths may seem like they lack an edge, listening to their latest album, Every Open Eye, the band makes it impossible to ignore the edge radiating from the same sweetness that may have made some wary in the first place.

    This album is optimistic and fun. It's polished, precise, addictive and clean from start to finish, just about the perfect follow up for their successful debut The Bones of What You Believe. The sophomore album is loaded with addictive hooks and many of the songs lack strict structure, but that's part of the Chvrches formula. And, of course, the album has its undeniable hits.

    "Leave a Trace," is the catchy debut single off the album where it seems Mayberry is becoming self-aware about abandoning a failed love. Another defining smash off the album is "Clearest Blue," one of the many dreamy tracks whose build up-to-explosion design makes it irresistible. Although "Clearest Blue" is going to be the biggest crowd pleaser of the release, I think Chvrches shines brightest with the darker tracks off the album. "Keep You On My Side" sounds like it'll carry the pop optimism of the first two songs off the album ("Never Ending Circle" and "Leave a Trace") until the chorus begins, where we hear the edgy darkness change the direction of the song entirely. This vibe is heard even more so in "Playing Dead," where Mayberry doesn't waste any time in asserting herself. "No more distractions and no more staying still/ I am chasing the skyline much more than you ever will." She's chasing the skyline, and getting even closer to it with each track off Every Open Eye.

    And be sure to watch our exclusive concert with Chvrches below.

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