Baeble First Play: The Sci Fi Pop Of Cataline
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 07, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    As a science/science fiction nerd, it is super exciting/mildly terrifying that we have already crafted virtual intelligence chat bots that can pass the Turing Test. We already have apps on our phones that are capable of (very basic) natural language recognition. The age of the machines is coming whether we're ready for it or not. I'm not talking about Skynet but machines capable of actual intelligence isn't that far in the future. And indie electro-poppers Cataline capture a less paranoid bent to this brave new world we're all about to enter on their gorgeous new EP, Turing Test due out 11/6.

    We have the premiere of Cataline's track, "Too Little Too Late," and the dichotomy the track casts between its gorgeous and immensely danceable synth lines and the potentially apocalyptic lyrical undertones crafts a dizzying and thrilling listening experience. It's a track that you can imagine uploaded human consciouses in robotic bodies dancing the night away to at a neon-streaked nightclub in 2077 or something that you'd hear blasting from the Citadel in Mass Effect. If you want a little sci-fi with your pop music, Cataline is the new band for you.

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