Watch This Voting PSA: Lil Jon, Fred Armisen, Devendra Banhart and Lena Dunham 'Turn Out For What'
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 07, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    On November 4th United States citizens will get the chance to exercise their right to vote in the mid-term elections, and here to remind you that you've got the power is Lil' Jon, Devendra Banhart, Whoopie Goldberg, Fred Armisen, Lena Dunham (and her celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson), Natasha Lyonni, Sophia Bush, Ioanna Giko, and more.

    Rock the Vote fuckin' rocks. From their 1990 pilot PSA starring Madonna in "Vote" ("Vogue," get it?) to their latest PSA "Turn Out For What," starring Lil' Jon, they know how to inspire.

    Watch the PSA below to see what Lil' Jon is turning out for, or just listen to best song of 2014:

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