Heidecker and Wood Spoof Lyric Videos In 'Getaway Man'
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 07, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    While Tim Heidecker's comedic partner Eric Wareheim is off directing fantastic music videos, he buddies up with his own musical muse David Wood to create their own spin on humorous tunes. Yet unlike the Lonely Islands of the world, their music is far from irritating. Rather than in-your-face snark and quirk, Heidecker hits you with his own brand of passive aggressive humor, which surprisingly partners very well with music. The comedic qualities that Heidecker and Wood embed within their project are subtle, however, they are not hidden. They're like if your two friends finally started that cheesy cover band they had always drunkenly discussed, but it turned out to be decent. And continued throughout their two albums are regular little knocks at the genre(s) they are replicating.

    Take their latest single, "Getaway Man" for instance. The song off their forthcoming, sophomore record, Some Things Never Stay The Same (11/12), has a nonsensical storyline and overly repetitive chorus, but the true laugh of it all comes when you realize it could totally lived another life as a BTO b-side.

    The duo recently shared their own take on lyric and overly-promoted pop-up videos, which you can watch below.

    Some Things Never Stay The Same - perhaps the most confusingly superb album title ever - will be released on November 12th via Little Record Company. The album features guest appearances from Aimee Mann, Rilo Kiley's Pierre de Reeder, and Fruit Bats' Eric Johnson.

    Some Things Never Stay The Same Tracklist:

    01. Cocaine
    02. What Else Is New
    03. Getaway Man
    04. This Is Life
    05. Tell Her I Love Her
    06. Coming Home
    07. Sunday Man
    08. Hurricane
    09. On Our Own
    10. Salvation Street
    11. Next Ten Years

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