the guest apartment: automatic loveletter
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 07, 2010

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    On their long overdue full-length Truth or Dare, Automatic Loveletter summon an absolute force, carving out the kind of addictive brand of cataclysmic modern rock that generally provides enthusiastic responses from anyone who happens to encounter it. Interestingly enough, that force garners no greater reaction than from Juliet Simms; the band's spirited banshee at the helm of the California based outfit. Channeling exonerated emotion and energy in performance, Simms often lets her body do some serious talking (though obviously her voice is a bit unreal as well), with fiery and often seductive results.

    Joined by brother Tommy Simms, the pair strip the usually robust hooks down for an appropriate acoustic performance during their mid-morning visit to The Guest Apartment. Preparing songs from their full-length and one "secret song, the two take a more rootsy approach to their band's music...though that doesn't mean Juilet can just ignore her engrained tendency to let her body go. It all makes for a rather killer acoustic segment, suggesting that even though Automatic Loveletter can turn the volume down, they'll never kill the feeling that goes into their songs. -David Pitz

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    The Guest Apartment: Automatic Loveletter

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