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    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 07, 2010

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    The CMJ Music Marathon is just around the corner, and our series of events are on the books and ready to go. Today we've got a shiny new poster for our 100% free, open to the public (no badge necessary!) day party and we wanted to share it with you, as well as remind you of the details!

    The Baeblemusic Bowery Electric Day Party - 10/23 @ 2PM

    Blood Red Shoes



    Young Man

    Holly Miranda

    RSVP here.

    ALSO: We've mentioned a few times now... soon we will be inviting YOU to two days of closed-set film sessions at Rockwood Music Hall, with totally different artists (we'll be announcing them next week). When we announce the lineups, you'll have a chance to enter your name to win a spot at a full days worth of shoots! Keep checking back, this is happening soon.-joe puglisi

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