Sam Smith's New Single 'Pray' Sounds Like Every Other Sam Smith Song
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Today, Sam Smith shared his latest single "Pray" and the only thing it's making me pray for is a fast end to the song. After hearing ballads on ballads, listening to Smith sing about his broken heart is starting to feel like an exhausting chore.

    Smith road Disclosure's coattails to fame with dance hits like "Latch" (and later "Omen"). The songs were good - hell, they were great. I was just listening to them last weekend and they still got me pumped despite their old release dates. Smith's voice sounded great and his hooks were infectious as ever. Then after all of that exposure, he went ahead and released his debut LP in 2014, In The Lonely Hour, which consisted of slow burners about heartbreak. That was also good - the fact that, not only Smith's voice was great, but that he also decided to take the ballad route despite all of his success in the dance music world was respectable. It was also an album that people could eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's and cry to, which people liked. It was relatable and cathartic.

    However, despite In The Lonely Hour's lovableness, we didn't need another one. It felt like everything Smith had to say about his relationship problems had been said. But then lo and behold, he came back with "Too Good At Goodbyes," the lead single off of his upcoming album and guess what: it sounds like "Stay With Me" Part 2. Gentle piano, Smith's self-pitying lyrics about his inability to love, and his now infamous choir made up of a bunch of Smiths backing him up. It was almost impossible to wrap my head around this new song: was he so blatantly trying to recreate his first solo hit?

    The second single "Pray" falls in the same category. Another sad ballad. He also announced the official release of his sophomore record, The Thrill Of It All, out November 3rd via Capitol Records. The track list was revealed and some of the new titles are "Midnight Train," "Burning," "Him," and "Baby, You Make Me Crazy." I was hoping to watch Smith grow both emotionally and musically with this new record, but it seems like he's just becoming a parody of himself. He's kind of like the dude that's here to hold us over in between Adele albums. I love a good breakup record, but I also love the empowering album about the next phase that's naturally supposed to come after.

    Sam, we can't love you until you love yourself.

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