Kaytranada Brings His Dance Moves And Happy Energy To Terminal 5
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 06, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Sometimes, I like to have a moment of silence for the humans who created the internet. Because amongst the millions of things that we'd miss out on without it, music just wouldn't be the same and some of the biggest artists in the world wouldn't have been discovered (hey, Biebs). In 2012, a Canadian producer named Kaytranada, put a re-work of Janet Jackson's "If" on Soundcloud and shortly after, people all over the world were dancing around to it. Fast forward a few years and Kaytranada is playing back-to-back sold-out shows, gracing people with his hip-hop roots that he seasons with house and disco sounds. I was able to catch Kaytranada last night at Terminal 5 and let me just say: the show definitely did NOT disappoint.

    I got Terminal 5 shortly after the doors opened (very rare) because I wanted to hear both of the evenings supporting acts, Lou Phelps and Gravez. Lou Phelps, a fellow Canadian producer, opened with a remix of Kanye's "Pt. 2" followed by Schoolboy Q's "That Part" and "Alright" by Kendrick Lamar. Phelps mentioned he only had a short amount of time so he wanted to turn the crowd up for the acts to follow. And that's exactly what he did. Even the wallflowers at Terminal 5 went to the main floor with each song he'd mix in.

    Gravez got behind the table after Lou Phelps and took it up five more notches by playing a re-work of "Left Alone" by Flume and Chet Faker followed by a few songs from Kanye's Life of Pablo. Gravez did a shout-out to Kid Cudi, who recently entered rehab, then he played Cudi's "Pursuit of Happiness", and threw in "No Hora" by Sango. He also played some of his own tracks like "Rizen" and "Youth." After all the dancing from the two opening acts, Terminal 5 turned into one big, sweaty sauna and we were more than ready for Kaytranada.

    Besides Chance The Rapper, I think Kaytranada is one of the most cheerful artists out right now. Kaytranada walked onto stage, looked out at the three jam-packed levels of screaming fans and threw his head back with a huge smile. He opened the set with "Together" from 99.9% and followed it with a remix to "All Night" by Chance The Rapper, which is probably the best combination to get the crowd dancing right from the start.


    Kaytranada weaved through the tracks from his debut-album, 99.9%, some highlights early in the set being "Leave Me Alone," "Got It Good" and "Track Uno." The visuals on the screen changed often with each of the songs he would perform. There were graphics of balloons floating above his name, 99.9%'s album art, a black screen with eyeballs, and a huge orange-red moon. During his re-work of Michael Jackson's "Dance and Shout," the screen displayed a VHS-quality video of female bodybuilders wearing bikinis on the beach.

    The night wouldn't have been the same without Kaytranada's amazing dance moves during each track. At one point, he bounced around dabbing behind the table which, obviously, hyped the crowd up more. My favorite moment of last night was when Kaytranada played "Lite Spots" at the very end of his set and performed some of the dance moves he does in the music video (if you haven't seen the video, here it is - It'll make your day). It's pretty special to witness someone who genuinely loves what they do and you can't help but smile when you see Kaytranada. It was a night full of sweaty, happy people and perpetual dancing and I can't stop listening to 99.9% and reminiscing on last night's show.

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