Amber Coffman Gives Her Own Take On Her Breakup With Dirty Projectors Frontman
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 06, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    Suspected ex-member of Dirty Projectors, Amber Coffman, just released a new song and video along with an announcement of her forthcoming solo album, City of No Reply. Coffman is thought to have left Dirty Projectors after her public breakup with band frontman David Longstreth. This theory was given further credence when Dirty Projectors released a new song and video, "Keep Your Name," without Coffman, in which Longstreth sang about their breakup over a looped sample of a love song duet they once sang while together.

    This new track from Coffman, entitled "All To Myself," seems to address the same topic as "Keep Your Name," albeit from a very different perspective. Rather than the mournful dwelling on "Keep Your Name," Coffman sings of learning to live by one's self. Unlike the black and white of the Dirty Projectors video, "All To Myself" features sunny beaches and rainbows dancing over Coffman's face. That's not to say that sadness and loneliness don't underlie the song, but it's ultimately about starting over and finding strength within yourself to move on, and to be comfortable being alone.

    With this release, and the announcement of an album, it seems more and more likely that Amber Coffman has left Dirty Projectors, though there has been no official statement from the group stating that. And with these two singles, it seems likely that the coming albums from Amber and David will present us with two different perspectives on their relationship and breakup. These two albums, in conversation with one another, could create an amazing and emotional body of work.

    Check out Dirty Projectors' perspective below:

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