Catfish And The Bottlemen Go Underground
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 06, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    Come on, admit it. That's right, YOU. You, me, everyone on this planet, we've all wanted one thing more than anything in the world. Not to be famous, not to be talented, but to be involved in some kind of underground criminal competition. Why else have we all taken up years of our lives watching Bloodsport knock-offs and fantasizing about starting our own fight club? You think cock-fighting would persist as a viable past-time if it was made legal? Please. The allure of down-and-dirty, no-holds barred competition is the dream of folks old and young alike the whole world over and can make just about anything seem cool. Hell, even Venture Brothers made black-market Quiz Bowl seem like the thing to do, once.

    Which explains perfectly well why the music video for Catfish and the Bottlemen's "Pacifier" features the members of the band engaged in a spot of back-alley soccer with a bunch of Manchester thugs (well, I assume they're from Manchester; that's where all the toughs in the UK come from, right?). I'm not entirely certain if it's self-aware -- it's a patently absurd premise and the overacting in places definitely makes it seem like the band's in on the joke, but there's a bit of over-earnest mugging from the band that suggests otherwise -- but it's fun regardless. And it's another excuse to expose people to one of our favorite bands over here at Baeble.

    And then, if you've got a minute, you might want to check out their session with us.

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