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    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 06, 2009

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    In the small, cozy confines of Le Poisson Rouge, an army of boldly dressed concert goers gathered. Yes, sweet nothings and compliments on shoulder pads could be overheard, but for the most part, these eager young things descended upon the Greenwich Village hot spot not for apathetic displays of presence, but thirsty for full on dance floor hysterics, lead by the three ever stylish gentlemen of England's tastiest electro outfit Friendly Fires.

    Doused in a humid bath of strobe light effects, Friendly Fires delivered their disco-electro, complete with signature hip swaying, before an enthusiastic gathering; one who, for their part, provided some endless hip swaying of their very own in return. Here, singer Ed Macfarlane's chemistry with the audience was undeniable and absolutely incredible, maintaining eye contact as he sang through the passionate verses of the band's self-titled debut album. Over the course of the concert, his vivid dancing drove the already converted crowd to new heights of frenzied, sweat soaked movement, awakening Le Poisson Rouge in both a brilliant bake of lighting and a reckless embrace of the music itself. When the band concluded their set with the fan favorite "Paris", they did so to the audiences' determined conviction. See the pumping fists and jumping feet of the entire mass of people, oblivious to the rest of the world, the August heat, and their own sweaty, plastered tees. An absolute marvel of a show to watch. - David Pitz and Laura Yann

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    VIDEO: Friendly Fires Live at Le Poisson Rouge

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