a decade of the constantines
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 06, 2009

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    The Constantines, living up to the Latin root of their name (we think?), celebrate ten constant years of music making this month with two shows in Toronto at Lee's Palace. We also have details on how to score a free digital download of the stripped down Too Fast For Love EP. We also would like to stress that Keanu Reeves has NOTHING to do with any of this. Please, keep reading.

    The EP is a free gift with purchase of tickets (right now) through Gallery AC. The rest of the tickets go on sale Thursday, October 5th at 10am through Ticketmaster or Rotate This.

    The show also features some special guests, who are still TBA. No, it will NOT be Keanu Reeves. Stop saying that. There is no spoon.

    There IS however a full concert video on Baeble (we do that a lot)! Check out the link below.-joe puglisi

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