Grimes Just Dropped Seven Music Videos in Collaboration with HANA
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 05, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Grimes just dropped an enormous load on the internet: seven new music videos, including three from her fellow singer/songwriter/collaborator HANA. All of the videos (shot by Grimes' brother Mac Boucher) come together to create the Ac!d Reign Chronicles, which you can watch in full in it's intended order above.

    The first video in the series is Grimes' "Butterfly," which features the two singers wearing designer clothing and dancing around Rome, Milan, and Italy in a blindingly yellow glow.

    The comes HANA's video for "Underwater," shot in the same location, but this time with no Grimes.

    "World Princess Part II" is a visually stunning highlight of the series with vibrant colors, schoolgirl outfits, and a huge, curly brown wig worn by Grimes. There are shots of the two artists dancing around a castle-like wall and then random airplane shots that shouldn't go, but totally work and make for a fun and interesting video.

    HANA's "Chimera" features the singer walking around Bristol, UK in the most fabulous leopard coat and light pink maxi dress. Her signature purple hair whips all over the place and she hides in trees, like a mystical fairy.

    "SCREAM" ft. Aristophanes brings in the rapper herself, with her lyrics translated on the bottom of the screen (where we learn just how weird the Taiwanese lyrics really are). Grimes uses this as an opportunity to throw in some tour footage, since this is probably one of the most fun songs she plays live.

    Filmed in Montreux, Switzerland comes HANA's next cut, "Avalanche." Again, she looks like a magical creature as she rocks a high-fashion red jumpsuit and whips out mesmerizing dance moves.

    And last but not least, the series ends with Grimes' video for "Belly of the Beat," which is shot in the same location as HANA's "Avalanche" (just in case you didn't notice the pattern by now).

    We need some time to let this sink in... But our first impressions? It's pretty frickin' impressive just how productive both Grimes and HANA have been while on a world tour.

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