A Night Of Nostalgia With Taking Back Sunday And You Blew It At Irving Plaza
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 05, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Talk about #tbt. Last Thursday, I went to the Taking Back Sunday show with opener, You Blew It! and it brought all the nostalgia feels. I couldn't be happier that fashion from the 90s and early 2000s made a comeback because I was appropriately dressed in my usual distressed, high-waisted skinny jeans and a black choker. It almost felt like I was back in high school. I walked into Irving Plaza and the merch line was nearly out the door and I wasn't surprised to see the crowd was all around my age - mid-twenties to mid-thirties - seeing as the younger ones in our generation probably have no clue who Taking Back Sunday is these days.

    You Blew It! walked onto the stage with huge smiles on the faces of all four band members - I mean, I would be cheesy smiling too if my (hypothetical) band was opening for Taking Back Sunday. They were dressed in casual attire - button-ups and t-shirts - and two of the guitarists had below shoulder length, glorious shiny hair. You Blew It! weaved through tracks from their 2014 album, Keep Doing What You're Doing, each song becoming larger and more aggressive than the last.

    And when You Blew It! went big, I saw some of the best hair flippin' and head bangin' I've seen in my life. "Your Side" brought out a stripped-down, raw version of You Blew It! and sounded melancholy at all the right moments. Some highlights of their set were, "Match & Tinder," "Award Of The Year Award," and one off of their upcoming album, "Autotheology." Even though You Blew It! officially introduced themselves to the world only a few years ago, they have the 90s emo garage rock sound and even sparked a few mosh pits throughout the set.

    By the time Taking Back Sunday came onto the stage, both the main floor area and the upper tiers were so packed that none of us could move (or see... TBS fans are giants). Taking Back Sunday weaved through tracks from their newest album, Tidal Wave, which was released this September. Tidal Wave is an interesting album for Taking Back Sunday and what's most impressive is this album is probably one of their best in over a decade when the band first formed.

    Tidal Waves opening track, "Death Wolf," started out slow but eventually got the crowd to participate in the tracks subtle chants throughout. Some more Tidal Wave highlights from the set were "I Felt It Too," "You Can't Look Back," and "Call Come Running." The album isn't old school or nostalgic-sounding and it isn't particularly mind-blowing, but the fact that almost the entire room knew every word of Taking Back Sunday's SEVENTH album says a lot about the dedication TBS fans have to the band.

    It wouldn't be a Taking Back Sunday show if they didn't end with "Cute Without The E," "MakeDamnSure," "A Decade Under The Influence" and "You're So Last Summer." Once TBS got into their throwback tracks, Irving Plaza turned into one giant mosh pit complete with nonstop crowd-surf attempts as water and beer soared through the air. At one point, there was a water bottle that someone poked holes in to make a sprinkler that they twirled in the center of the mosh pit.

    You Blew It! opened the show with infectious positive energy and beautiful head bangs and the show ended with Taking Back Sunday nostalgia, which had my emo 16-year-old self screeching inside. You Blew It! exceeded all expectations while Taking Back Sunday proved they still got it, even after over a decade.

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