Youth Lagoon Burn A Nursing Home Down
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 05, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    In video games (and, we suppose, movies primarily consisting of advanced CGI), there's a phenomena known as the "Uncanny Valley." With the Uncanny Valley, CGI becomes so advanced without actually being photo-realistic that it is more disturbing than enjoyable to look at. We have a deeply ingrained biological capacity to recognize human faces at an instinctual level, and hyper-real but not real enough computer faces set off all of our inner warning signals that something is not right here. And Youth Lagoon plays on that to unsettling effect in their video for "The Knower."

    The track is typical Youth Lagoon stuff: danceable beats layered over ambitious production including a gorgeous horn section and some unsettling sonic textures. But combining the song with the video makes it genuinely freaky. A computer animated woman in either a nursing home or an enormous mansion accidentally sets the building on fire as her parrot escapes and she dies in the flames. And the video really ups the darkness simmering beneath the surface of the track.

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