Sam Smith And James Bond Need To Part Ways
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 05, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    When the audio for Sam Smith's theme for the upcoming Bond film Spectre was released a couple weeks back, we were...less than impressed. After the titanic Skyfall theme, Sam Smith's tune was like a glass of milk before bed...perfectly serviceable and inoffensive but also something that's mostly going to make us sleepy. That's how we feel about most of Sam Smith's solo output but that's a convo for another day. Well, the video for "Writing's On The Wall" is here, and it does not help this song's case in the slightest.

    The video pairs footage of Sam Smith singing -- and his vocals are the only part of the track that click; nobody would ever argue that Sam Smith can't sing -- with footage from Spectre, and unless Spectre is secretly the Clouds of Sils Maria of Bond movies, this song sounds more like something that should be in a tepidly paced prestigue picture, not the Bond franchise. I loved Clouds of Sils Maria before somebody misinterprets that sentence. But there were some shots of what appeared to be the Alps that brought one of this year's best films to mind.

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