The Wallflowers Rock Letterman
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 05, 2012

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    In today's 90s comeback news, The Wallflowers did Live On Letterman last night. The band's website announced their appearance last week, prompting fans to email to win tickets to the event. However, according to one of the ushers, since they "haven't been relevant since the 90s" no one really cared enough.

    Well, The Wallflowers proved her wrong. The band put together a rockin' 50-minute show on the famous stage, joined on stage by their record producer and fellow musician Jay Joyce. Long-time fans sang along to old favorites "One Headlight," "6th Avenue Heartache," "The Difference," and "Three Marlenas." The band also played songs from their upcoming album, Glad All Over, getting the audience grooving along to "Reboot The Mission" and soothing them again with "Love Is A Country".

    The band seemed quite pleased with the audience, making sure to mention the wide age range of the group assembled. Jakob Dylan also took a moment after "One Headlight" to correct the misconception the internet folk have about his lyrics. To set the record straight: the line is "I sit alone" not, "I'm so alone," which Dylan says he would never write. Thank God for that.

    The Wallflowers are certainly back to reclaim their place (although really, I don't think anyone has been able to fill it). Just watch for yourself.

    Glad All Over is out on 10/9.

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