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    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 05, 2010

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    The Glass is a duo of indie-label operators involved with Plant Music (Dominique Keegan) and We Collect Enemies (Glen Brady aka DJ Wool), based in NYC and Berlin respectively. Add the fact that their forthcoming album is named after a 1939 novel by Dublin author Flann O'Brien to the distance and responsibilities to their businesses, and I expected their music to be a half-assed, pretentious mess.

    But I was proven completely wrong. The glass are pros at mixing alternative dance-rock riffs and melodies with pounding house percussion that's about twice as loud as everything else and huge, Justice-style synth basslines. The overall effect is some of the best dance-oriented music I've heard coming out of the alternative scene in a while, if not ever. Highly recommend keeping an eye on these guys — its not every day you find a band that can impress with its danceability without being as brainless as your average house track.

    The Glass currently have several singles and an EP, Couples Therapy, available to purchase. Unsurprisingly, given the members' other responsibilities and multinational living situation, they have not announced any plans to tour. -peter menniti

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