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    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 05, 2009

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    Boy, Phoenix is everywhere these days! They used to be so underground ("I totally know about this awesome underground Frenchie band, and none of my friends have ever head "Consolation Prizes." Call me Dr. Hip"). Well, no more hip for you, these guys are in Cadillac commercials and playing Central Park and even on Entourage, during a part where Vinny Chase and the boys live the good life (warning, not even close to a spoiler, they always do that)! Anyway, all the hype can only mean one thing: remixes. Let's listen (and judge).

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    The remix by Fortune is good for a few reasons. One reason is that it doesn't butcher the already well-put-together song that Phoenix originally wrote (we heard one of Rome last week that was like a broken mirror, and not in the poetic way). Another is that it gets those feet moving! It is a bit more uptempo that the original or the Fredrick Carlsson remix of "1901" we heard at some point. But the coolest part is the re-imagining of an already careful balance of synth and guitar with a revamped percussion section (lots of bongos). So many remixes fail to capture the excitement of the original tracks, but this one does well to establish highs and lows that fit the original music. If this were a book-to-movie situation, we almost wouldn't have to say the book was better! But almost. The book was still better. -joe puglisi
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