Spotify's Time Capsule Is The Boyfriend I Never Had
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 04, 2017

    • Posted by: Grace Eire

    I do not know what I would do without Spotify. It's hard to think about how anyone ever got by before streaming services. Logically, I know that we used to buy music – discs and cassettes even. I had that Natalie Imbruglia tape with "Torn" on it that I wore down during trips to my grandma's, Walkman in hand. Then I had my CD book that I kept in my second-hand iridescent Infiniti when people still used to buy the physical disc to upload onto their iTunes.

    So yeah, I know how we used to listen to music, but I don't know how I could go on without Spotify at my fingertips. It's very much a dependent relationship, one that only costs a small fee a month. Much less than buying fancy wine or thoughtful birthday gifts. In fact, Spotify does all the thinking for me. It's pretty freakin' perfect, because I'm in no place to give anything back!

    This fall, Spotify released a new feature called Time Capsule, which curates a personalized list of oldies that you may have listened to on the way to grandma's, or driving around thinking you were cool in high school. Some of the songs are selected from tunes you have actually played on your Spotify account, and the rest are hand plucked from the cosmos for you by (possibly) sentient robots… or a sophisticated algorithm.

    Robots or clever engineers aside, my personal throwback playlist starts off with possibly my favorite song of all time, "Fat Lip." This is no surprise, because I still regularly listen to this song. I know all the words, each and every one of them. I have for 16 years and that spot in my brain is occupied for life.

    But others, like "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes, and The Strokes' "Machu Picchu," which I was too stupid to listen to regularly when I was younger, also made it onto this list. Possibly a slap on the wrist from my sweet Spotify.

    My mix ranges from Evanescence (my inner emo teen's favorite), to "Still D.R.E," to "Stacy's Mom." This list is everything I could ever ask for.

    I am guilty of listening to my favorite albums on repeat ad nauseum. Ask me what I've listened to recently and I'll pretty much only honestly be able to tell you FIDLAR. Unlike my real human-human relationship approach (largely single), I am pretty seriously monogamous week by week when it comes to bands. It doesn't hurt my FIDLAR conundrum that Max the drummer is lankily irresistible.

    This is why I need things like Spotify's Time Capsule to remind me that I've had other loves before my current obsession. I get stuck in a rut and become monogamous with one band on Spotify, but music as an entity is excessively polyamorous. There is so much love to go around. So many different flavors of love for different times of day, different moods, different places.

    While I'll never be able to shake my obsessive personality or satisfy my itchy repeat button trigger finger, Spotify and its playlists will be there to steer me away from my bad habits. That's what a good relationship is all about, right? Leading each other in the right direction? Discover Weekly, the New Music playlists, and now Time Capsule remind me and push me, specifically, to do the exploring that I know I want and crave.

    To my editor, who's waiting for this article, I'm sorry it took a little longer than it had to. I was busy wailing on the hook of "All Falls Down." Blame my Time Capsule playlist.

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