Now Playing: Drowners Get Delirious at Baeble's Bands and Brews
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 04, 2016

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    This past August, we held our third Bands + Brews of Summer 2016 at Brooklyn's Industry City and you know what they say: third time's the charm. Of course, there needs to be a downpour right before the show. Every time. But it's good luck... Right? Well it has to be, because it always stops right before the show begins. The result of the rain was thick humid air, but we still had a beautiful sunset along with perfect temperatures. That, along with a new stage and a great turnout, made it one of the best shows yet.

    Closing out the evening's festivities was veteran, NYC rock outfit Drowners, who put on one killer show. Performing a slew of songs from both their brand new album, On Desire, as well as cuts from their 2014, self-titled album, the band sent their fans into a tizzy. We had hung out with the band at Brooklyn Bowl last year and we were happy to see an intense evolution to their (already great) performance. We also had plenty of downtime to hang out with the band before their set (due to the rain). "Having a camaraderie in the band is literally the only thing that will keep your band together," bassist Erik Snyder told us. "Yeah, because most of the time you're not actually playing, you're sitting in rooms or vans together. It's who you're going to share a bed with and that kind of thing," frontman Matthew Hitt expanded, and that sense of friendship was evident on stage as well, which made all of the difference. The band also gave us the scoop on their favorite song off of their new album to perform live. "I really enjoy this one section where we play B minor in 'Troublemaker,'" Hitt laughed, but he was being serious. "It's my favorite part. It only happens for two seconds but I really enjoy it." We asked the rest of the band if they agree with that *super specific* answer, and their response? "We love all of it." So do we. And we hope you enjoy our newest Bands + Brews session as well.

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