GEAR TALK TUESDAY: SHEARE on His Home Studio in Brooklyn and Favorite Pieces of Gear
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 04, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    What's one of the most important things for a producer to set up before they invest in gear? Go ahead, take a guess, I'll wait...

    Ready for the answer? Okay. The other important thing besides gear is a producer's studio. The space in which they create music is sacred. It cannot be disturbed by the presence of others, it can not have walls that aren't soundproof, and, well, you need a place to store the gear! We recently featured singer/songwriter/producer SHEARE as our Song of the Day, and after listening to his impressive polished-pop singles, we decided to chat with him about the production side of things.

    "When I first looked at my apartment in Brooklyn a few years ago, I was told 'the walls are concrete and soundproof.' Once I heard that I was sold and moved my studio into my studio apartment. I haven't had a single noise complaint thus far, which is amazing because I'm such a night owl and I'm constantly up working strange hours." That's pretty understandable for producers, especially in New York, right?


    When asked about his gear, "Gear-wise, I'm pretty bare bones right now. My older brother bought me this great Casio PX-160 Privia keyboard one year for my birthday that I use as my midi controller. I program all of the parts using it. It's really nice because it has weighted keys - I'm kind of a shit piano player so it makes it a little easier having the feel of a real piano. It's really responsive when I use it to program drums. I really like all of the Arturia synth samples and also some of the weird soundscapes that Omnisphere has. Drum-wise, I use a variety of different samples and use Vengeance drums as well as Battery drums. My producer friend Velly, who's one of Timbaland's dudes, has a great drum sampler pack that I've been using a lot lately."


    So, what's the goal behind all of this? "The dream is to make a song that will one day be on the radio every five seconds that I made while wearing sweatpants and drinking tea in my 500 square foot apartment... just kidding, I don't own sweatpants." Ha, well, after hearing the perfect pop songs that SHEARE writes and produces, we can see him hitting radio one day soon... Until then, check out his latest single "Restless" below.

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