MP3: Odonis Odonis
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 04, 2011

    • Posted by: Julianne Wagner

    Odonis Odonis eked into being in 2010, taking its name from a bud of head honcho, Dean Tzenos, who was for some reason, referred to as Adonis Adonis. As an homage to the mixtapes stock full of 80s new wave, industrial, and goth he gleaned from his older sisters at a young age, Odonis Odonis takes these references from the past and darkens his present. In "Ledged Up", the first single from the forthcoming Fat Cat release Hollandaze (I'm mostly imagining a fog of egg yolk here) hook-heavy rhythms are buried under discomforting blankets of fuzz. Tzenos' vocals are moody, disconnected, and dark as he drones "You put your break on overload". A female voice barely mews over the grim-splattered noise. With a minute to spare, we get an implosion, instigating a messy battle between surf-guitar licks, pounding drums and behemoth reverb. Who will be the victor? Listen below to find out!

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