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    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 04, 2010

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    Kanye's reign continues. GOOD Friday brought us a new banger, while his SNL performance yielded some wild commentary about his newfound love of ballerinas. One of our favorite labels had a birthday in Vegas. Other assorted bits. Videos and more after the jump!

    Saturday Night Live, hosted by Bryan Cranston, featuring Kanye West.

    Not only did Kanye play with our expectations (by erasing the usual boring Subway soundstage with a blazing white background and dancers galore), but WHAT UP WITH THAT?

    More! And Kanye:



    Double more! Really, we're all having a tough time waiting for this album. Grab last week's GOOD Friday track ("Christian Dior Denim Flow") here.

    Matador records celebrated it's 21st birthday with a weekend in Vegas.

    If you were at home watching SNL, you probably weren't in Vegas, where outrageous performances by Spoon, Ted Leo, Cat Power, and many many more were just the icing on a pretty serious cake for Matador's Birthday. The label live streamed the entire event via Myspace and Pitchfork. If you missed it, these videos will probably be floating around for a while.

    More news:

    The Social Network opened with Reznor and Ross's soundtrack, Wilco is back in the studio this month following Jeff Tweedy's involvement with Mavis Staples recent release, Football night in America still has terrible opening numbers, and we've got two new videos this week... including a full concert from Jose Gonzalez and Junip, just in time for the release of Fields. Stay tuned!

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