Torres Puts On A Show For All The Freaks at Music Hall of Williamsburg
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Torres took everything from her 2015 album Sprinter and threw it out the window on her latest, most ambitious effort, Three Futures. She went from guitars to synths. Accessible, strumming guitars heard on Sprinter's title track turned into meticulously played, harsher finger picks on songs like "Righteous Woman." Her vocals are more upfront and gruesome than ever, as she ponders the gift of the human body and other newfound beliefs after being on the road for Sprinter.

    Torres took her new ideas to the stage for a highly-anticipated show at Music Hall of Williamsburg last weekend. The set was still the angsty show she introduced herself with, but now in a different way. Listen to Three Futures' opening track, "Tongue Slap Your Brains Out," and then picture the show starting that way. That was the type of vibe that was conveyed throughout the night.

    The singer played some other slow burners like "New Skin" and "Marble Focus" but also left a good chunk of room for dancing to songs like "Helen In The Woods" and "Bad Baby Pie." Except they're not typical dance songs, as you could imagine. They're quirky and devilish, in the coolest way possible. They had everyone in the crowd moving, and the die-hard fans stuck out like sore thumbs (they were the ones head-banging their way to heaven).

    Obviously, it wasn't a typical dance show, but as Mackenzie Scott whipped out her robotic dance moves and manic facial expressions, it felt like a dance party for a cooler crowd. The freaks 'n' geeks of the indie music world.

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