• TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2017

    • Posted by: India Allouche

    Nothing's better than hearing a tune that'll make you wanna head-bang for hours, or smash a guitar into a million pieces, or even punch your ex in the face and walk away unscathed! ...Sorry. Too far? Well that's how Nashville-based band, Bully, makes me feel.

    Bully isn't your average rock band. They have a nostalgic grunge sound that'll pop you into a time capsule and shoot us back to the 90's. Think No Doubt meets Kurt Cobain with a little bit of Courtney Love circa Hole.

    The badass foursome - made up of Alicia Bognanno, Stewart Copeland, Clayton Parker, and Reese Lazarus - formed in 2013 when front woman, Bognanno, traded in sound engineering for the big stage. But how did Alicia go from engineer geek to grunge queen, you ask?

    Young Alicia went through life as a C student up until she was a junior in high school, when she was offered her first audio engineering course. Once she started making beats for her friends, and eventually for herself, she realized she could do this for a living.

    After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in audio recording, Bognanno landed an internship at Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago, owned by legendary producer, Steve Albini. Once her internship ended, Alicia reached out to her friends Stewart Copeland, Clayton Parker, and Reese Lazarus to form a band. They were all working on other musical projects at the time, but ended up dropping them to work with Alicia on Bully, because who wouldn't have faith in the screamo blonde bombshell?

    Bully released their first single, "Milkman", in April of 2014, which landed them a record deal. Shortly after, Alicia and the Bully gang returned to Electrical Audio to record their 2015 debut album, Feels Like.

    Feels Like showed off Alicia's sweet, sighing vocals, that could switch to hoarse, emotional screams within seconds. Her brutally honest lyrics and grungy style is instantly recognizable.

    Bully just released their sophomore album, Losing, which definitely reaffirms their talent. On every track, the band tells a specific story. Alicia sings lyrics that flash to specific memories, making you feel like you know something very personal about her life….a secret if you will.

    Bully is reinventing grunge and making it appealing to pretty much everyone. So find your inner rocker and give it a listen, you won't regret it.

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