The 8 Most Absurd Musical Performances On The Eric Andre Show
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    The Eric Andre Show is like nothing else on television, especially unscripted television, and especially unscripted television with celebrities. While most other talk shows coddle their guests, engaging in funny banter and throwing them lowball questions, Eric Andre, the host and show runner, goes out of his way to make his guests feel as uncomfortable as possible. It's not rare that guests will walk off the show, which is not surprising considering when they enter the stage they are subjected to frequent jump scares, nonsensical questions, numerous gross-out jokes, a hostile host, and general awkwardness. With his musical guests, the experience is not as jarring. Perhaps because they see the guest and Eric's interactions before they go on, or perhaps because they talk to him earlier on, the musical guests tend to have some idea as to what they are getting into. However, this blessing may be a curse, because it often seems to give the show license to put the artist through incredibly ridiculous, difficult, and even sometimes painful performances. Here is a list of a couple of our favorite artists braving the outrageous circumstances they are put into:

    1. Attack DeMarco!

    The artist that subjected to the most outrageous circumstances on the show was probably Mac DeMarco. The Canadian indie quirkster was allowed to play "Still Together" for a handful of seconds before Eric called in a group of karate rob clad men who beat him and his band with sticks, before tying him down and shoving his face into a naked man's butt. The whole thing truly shows how far the show is willing to go to make their guests uncomfortable, and their audience laugh.

    2. Ariel Stinks

    Lo-fi icon Ariel Pink takes the various punishment doled out by Eric Andre on the chin throughout his appearance. While attempting to play "Helen," he is drenched in brown liquid from an overhanging toilet, backed by a pop punk drummer, and then a group of 90 boy band dancers, before he's replaced by Hannibal Buress as "Ariel Black." Throughout these trials, he continues to play until he finishes off by screaming primally and charging at Eric in a move that genuinely seems to surprise him. As good sports go, he's up there with Mac Demarco, though he didn't have to have his face shoved in a stranger's ass.

    3. Trash Talk Gets Shocked

    California punk band Trash Talk is known to be pretty hardcore, but their performance on this show pushed them to another level. The loud, screaming band is outfitted with noise sensitive shock collars that gave them a large electric shock when their voices reach a certain volume. Despite this punishment, the band does their best to perform, screaming as much as they are able to. The pain leads to an extreme amount of energy and honestly a really good performance.

    4. Killer Mike Hype

    In one of the first musical performances on the show, Atlanta rapper and one half of Run The Jewels Killer Mike acts as a hype man for an opera singer. The Dungeon Family member generally talks shit, and his appearance includes lines like "We're singing opera, hoe." This musical moment allows us to see what a great hype man Killer Mike is, and realize that having hype men would make opera a one hundred times better.

    5. Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire Gets Sprayed

    Although not a mainstream artist, Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire, or MFN Exquire as his label briefly attempted to rename him, is a New York rapper and a fixture of the underground Hip Hop scene in the city. Before The Eric Andre Show had major celebrity guests, Exquire was booked as a musical guest on the show. The rapper appears shirtless onstage rapping, before a couple of creepy mascots join him and pour soda on him. He attempts to rap again, but walks off after the mascots fling more cold soda his way.

    6. Chance The Rapper In A Coffee Cup and Questlove In The House

    Maybe because he was one of the first artists on the show and Eric Andre didn't want to scare him off, or maybe because of his contagiously fun disposition, Chance The Rapper ended up in one of the cushiest positions for a guest on the show. He appears on the show being wheeled out on a giant coffee cup he sits shirtless in. After giving Eric some coffee that he is sitting in, the interview devolves to him yelling at Eric, and then cuts to reveal that Roots drummer Questlove is on set. In this case the two musicians work more as part of a surreal bit than an interview or performance. Questlove is not in the house, though.

    7. Rapper Ninja Warrior

    In a bold move by the show, Eric Andre invites five musical guests, rappers A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, Open Mike Eagle, Nocando, and Go Dreamer. These rappers, spanning the mainstream to the underground, are blindfolded and told to pass through an obstacle course including a balance beam over mouse traps, soiled underwear hanging from a rope, a man with an American Gladiator style stick hitting them, and a kiddie pool full of live snakes. Throughout, the rappers are expected to freestyle, but the premise quickly falls apart when they are confronted with the obstacles. A$AP Rocky immediately stops rapping, but Open Mike Eagle and Danny Brown try to continue for as long as possible.

    8. American Authors Horror Story

    In one of his most outrageous uses of musical guests, Eric Andre puts the alt rock band American Authors in a Human Centipede-like arrangement, and has them perform their hit single "Best Day Of My Life." This proved to be difficult when the lead singer's face is firmly bandaged to the mandolin player's butt. The performance of this song is further complicated by Eric smacking the band with a stick and dubbing fart sounds throughout the track.

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